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The Job market space is evolving exponentially. The growth has been largely contributed by new technologies and techniques of operation which have brought new requirements and hence rapidly changing the existing skills in the labor market. A specialized or diverse skill set is expected out of employees to be relevant in this rapidly changing digital environment. Our membership packages make it possible for you to advance skills at your convenience. 

Employability Skills

$ 30 / Year

Access to two courses, our most popular course, PEC and the Career Planning Masterclass. Get empowered for your dream job and acquire skills to stay employable.

Smart Employee

$ 80 / Year

Under this package, you will have access to several professional skills development courses to brigde your skills gap, heighten performance and keep you relevant at work.

Advanced Studies

$ 120 / Year

Become an expert with our advanved certificate courses. You will extend your knowledge and critical thinking skills through specialized expert training and project Support.