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Learningking has been able to enjoy this level of success simply because of the caliber of its Corporate Traininers, Management and Governance teams. The knowledge, passion and experience of the trainers is the most important criteria in the transfer of Knowledge. At LearningKing we approach training with seriousness and diligence. Quality matters above all.
We are a team of experienced training and consulting professionals, associated with various organizations to improve individual and organizational performance.

Research, Skills Development, Academic Networks

Academic Excellence Team

Dr. Innocent Rwego

Executive Director

Dr. Hassan Kasolo

Director: Training, Research & Development

Amos Muhimba

Director: E & M Learning Solutions

Shivay Kundra

Director: Business Process Reengineering

Dr. Martin Ssuna

Director: Operations & Member Services

Jackie Akena

International Business Coordinator

Administration, Training and Learner Support

Elite Management Team

Nasser Byamagero

Corporate Training Solutions

H. K. Holland

Research and Development

Brian Byaruhanda

Advisory and Consultancy Services

Thebo Maleboho

Growth Management and Strategy

Abula O. M

Content Development and Production

Pooja Sahasrabuddhe

Learning Management Systems - Wisdlabs

Dr. Bill Walugembe

Quality Assurance

John Moli

Learning Support Department, LSD.

Aine Janet

Finance and Membership Support

Steven Mwide

Wealthy Minds Bootcamp

Mushabe Godwin

Marketing and Brand Management

Linda K

Public Affairs and Training Events

What clients Say About Us

Customer Care and Learner Support

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