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Learning king has a team of competent trainers from various areas of expertise. To serve our clients better we saw it fit to train trainers as an approach to tap into the talent pool out there. As continuous improvements become the mode of operations for many organizations, employees must constantly update their knowledge, skills and attitudes to enhance service delivery. This demands managers to train their employees to meet the required standards. This course equips managers and trainers with training and facilitation skills.

In our quest to bridge the growing skills gap by offering dynamic learning solutions, we have earned the reputation of being Global Strategic Learning Partners. 

The training programs of LearningKing encompass a wide range of skills that are an integral and necessary part of everyday business. Let us know about your interest in becoming a great trainer. 


Are you interested in becoming a competent Traniner. Let us know.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Improve their knowledge and skills in identifying and assessing training needs
  • Develop capacity to design and implement training programme
  • Evaluate and devise mechanisms for following up training programmes.
  • Conduct training needs assessment professionally.

Any organization that aims at having a competent team of trainers should pay much attention to the following content: 

  • Human Resource Training/Development Policy
  • Training/Learning Processes
  • Training Needs Identification and Analysis
  • Designing/Implementing Training
  • Training Methodology and Delivery Skills (including Adult Learning Methods)
  • Development and Use of Appropriate Use of Training Aids
  • Planning and Budgeting for Training
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Micro Teaching
  • Leading and Organizing a Discussion
  • Organizational Learning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Training
  • Evaluation and Follow-Up of Training Activities.
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills

The Training of Trainers (ToT) model is intended to engage master trainers in coaching new trainers that are less experienced with a particular topic or skill, or with training overall. A ToT workshop can build a pool of competent
instructors who can then teach the material to other people. Instead of having just one trainer who teaches a course for a long time, there are multiple trainers teaching the same course at the same time in the ToT model. This means a new participant typically gets to watch an experienced trainer teach, complete the exercises, and then practice teaching segments to other participants. 

The main goal of the ToT model is to prepare instructors to present information effectively, respond to participant questions, and lead activities that reinforce learning. Other goals include ensuring that trainers can:
• Direct participants to supplementary resources and reference materials.
• Lead discussions.
• Listen effectively.
• Make accurate observations.
• Help participants link the training to their jobs.
Trainer participants also learn the importance of maintaining eye contact, presenting a positive attitude, speaking in a clear voice, gesturing appropriately, and maintaining interest and dispelling confusion.

As a result of attending a ToT, participants will be
able to:

  • Apply current practices in delivering training on a
    selected evidence-based program.
  • Deliver proven facilitative skills to promote learner
    engagement, reflective practice, critical thinking,
    and skill acquisition.
  • Show mastery in delivering key training strategies
    commonly used; such as, brainstorming, processing/
    process checks, role-plays, and practice sessions.
  • Use appropriate levels of intervention when
    managing difficult training situations, including
    disruptive learner behaviors.
  • Initiate a personal plan of action to strengthen their
    training and facilitation skill.

A ToT workshop can build a pool of competent instructors who can then
teach the material to other people.

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