Our Training Approach

Training Approach

Our approach reflects our commitment to equipping individuals and organisations with field-tested tools and techniques aligned to critical up-to-date industry standards for long lasting performance. At LearningKing, we provide a four-step researched, result oriented and strategic approach to our training including; Need Assessement, Content Customization, Dynamic Delivery and finanly Support. Along with our exclusively skilled training professionals, Our primary interest is in developing skills that improve Personal effectiveness, create and adapt to change, people management and leadership, business management and integration of latest technologies required in the ever evolving market place. Professionalism is our commitmnet…

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Situational Analysis

Our assessment process is scaleable and readily adapted to generate measurable data and insights concerning the performance of an entire organization or that of a specific department, team or individual.


Content Customization

Improve performance through programs and coaching that address the talent-development topics most relevant to your organization. We incorporate company specific exercises, role plays and team building activities.


Dynamic Training

Whether in-person, online, single-day or workshop,  we deliver programs with content, formats and time-modules that are relevant to your audiences’ particular objectives, KPI’s, schedules and learning modes.


Evaluation & Coaching

Our learning experiences include extended support to ensure new learning takes root through understanding and situational, hands-on application in the working place. We conduct refresher support sessions.

Corporate Tailored Training Solutions

Every business is different, so when it comes to finding the ideal learning and development solution, each requires a unique approach.

As a market leader in customisable and contextualised programs, our Tailored Learning Solutions allow you to professionally advance your values, vision, mission and thrive in the market place with a competitive advantage. 

We customize our training sessions to meet the exact needs of your ever changing business environment. Our soft skills training courses improve business productivity, employee performance, employee morale, and employee retention. 

LearningKing Industrial Consultancy Services (LICS)

We have over the years built remarkable and reliable consultancy experience in this area of business and we strive to achieve the following: innovate, develop, deliver, and maintain.

We understand that nothing is more important than the development and financial health of your organisation, through its many transitions. We are here to help you. The mission of LICS is to provide the client with the best professional consultancy solution in any of our areas of performance and help with any problems and challenges hindering business growth and employee performance.

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