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Emotional Intelligence
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Course Description

Welcome to Learningking where career dreams are converted into reality for individual and corporate development. With the advent of globalization and the information technology revolution, several organizations in both private and government sectors are experiencing new trends of development which require acquisition of new skills for competiveness and growth. Do not be left out, advance your skills today with our premium hi-tech e-learning platform.

Have you got obstacles that are stopping you from following your career dreams like a demanding job that keeps you fully engaged? Worried about the cost of training or other expenses? Got family to look after or you are geographically distanced from training centers.  Well, whatever the problem is, our e-learning solution is uniquely designed to meet your needs.

Over the past several years, online study programs have grown drastically in popularity, and the structure of these courses continues to grow and evolve as technology evolves. It is time to embrace the future of education. This short e-Learning study guide course has been designed to introduce students to online learning and how to study effectively using our LearningKing Premium Platform and the mobile apps, IOS and Android. This free course is a must-take for all prospective LearningKing students.

Online Learning is rapidly becoming one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the world’s rapidly expanding workforce. – Jack Messman, Former CEO at Novell, Cambridge Technology Partners.

What you will Learn in this Course
  • What e-Learning and m-Learning are,
  • How to study using Learningking’s Platforms,
  • How to start courses,
  • Ways to access online study tools and material,
  • How to accomplish courses and get certificates,
  • Enrolling for corporate coaching
  • How to get after-training support while applying new skills on job.
Requirements for taking this course

Requirements for this course include;

  • A working Computer or Laptop
  • Mobile devices for mobile course completion
  • An internet connection to the study devices
  • Knowledge of the English language
Who Should take this course

This short free course is open to everyone interested in studying online and as a result there are no academic level restrictions. Completion of this course is a mandatory requirement for successful enrollment into any other course offered on Learningking’s platforms. 

After training membership benefits for this course

This course will always be available for all students and can be re-taken for proper understanding of our Learning Management Systems.


No certificates are awarded for this e-Learning Study guide course. Certificates will be awarded for all other skills development courses offered on the platform.

Why you should take this course

We’ve all experienced classroom study in school, but online learning is something completely different. E-Learning Study Guide introduces first-time distance learners to the realities of Web-based education and serves as the most comprehensive, practical guide to achieving success in taking on online courses. Designed by our experienced instructors and e-learning consultants, this invaluable aid shows students how to overcome challenges related to Self-motivated study, study time management, e-mail communication, technological catastrophes, staying organized on a daily basis, and more. Students learn to take advantage of the unique resources available for those enrolled in internet-based programs and to make the most of their Web-based educational experience by tailoring it to their personal strengths, needs, and learning styles in the most convenient environment.

As part of why you should take this introductory free course, you will acquire working knowledge of how to study online, including: starting and completing online courses, Submitting coursework, Accessing discussion groups, Contacting instructors, Accessing online library facilities and changing enrolment details. Getting all these e-learning study skills before you start any course of your choice will help you feel in control and ready to focus on your course

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